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T*LOVERS is the program that offers unique benefits to those who want to take care of themselves. Wellness is not a fad, but a lifestyle; a positive approach to the natural health products.

T*SANE are innovative and sustainable products.

Regardless of your habits, your taste, your way of life, T*SANE will make your and your beloved ones days.

Fruitiness, natural origin ingredients, care for the environment, Made in Italy are T*LOVER distinguish marks.

Do you have little time for breaks? Is your head full of ideas and projects? Does your passion for for ‘what make the difference’ powered by everything that is innovative, fast and distinctive?Thenyou are a T*LOVER!

If you are looking for a cuddle, a special experience, a valuable ally to improve your lifestyle, then you are a T*LOVER!

If you love competitive cooking, if you enjoy eating well avoiding the risk to suffer from heaviness in the stomach, then you are a T * LOVER!

If you started with a nutritionist, if you lead a healthy and regular life, if you think that prevention is extremely important, then you are a T*LOVER!

If you are training for an important challenge, if you love running under the rain, under the sun, in the wind.

If you are a professional runner and you know what ‘to break the wall’ means

If you want to regain your breath, rest your legs and regenerate yourself, then you are a T*LOVER!

T*LOVERS program benefits:

– A 5€ discount voucher after the first purchase on

– A 25€ discount voucher upon reaching an order value equal to or higher than 95€, within 4 weeks from your last order.

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As a T*LOVER you can get your beloved ones a very  special gift

T*SANE discount vouchers are not cumulative and can be used for purchases made within 31.12 of the calendar year.


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